Bits and Pieces

Yes, I already wasted lots of time carefully printing out and taping together one of these. If anyone wants to buy me one of these t-shirts from ThinkGeek ping me and we’ll discuss shipping addresses and the like. Looks like MacMerc is waxing a bit Mac fantatic. If you take the time to read the description of the book, it sounds like a useful troubleshooting map to the Mac (which is needed by many non-geeks). Note to self: don’t forget to read in more detail this post from Anders along with all the included links.

Also, David from IMSmarter emailed me this morning, saying:

Beta 6.4 is out, which includes the “disable all logging” feature. In other news, our website no longer looks like total crap. :)

In fact, the site looks cool now and the disable all logging feature means that I am back to using the service. Thanks, David!

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