Open Letter to BlogLogic

I just sent the following email to Megan Miller. In case her email no longer works, I am posting this here as an open letter to anyone capable of managing BlogLogic:

I joined your site months ago and posted one entry. Since then, I have forgotten my login and password and there seems to be no way of resetting it. Also, I had my preferences set to send me notification whenever new comments are posted to my entry. As a result, I am receiving a minimum of 10 spam messages a day from BlogLogic. Please either disable my account and the comment forwarding, disable comments on my entry, or monitor your comments.

Thank you,
C.K. Sample, III

Coolness. I already received a reply:

I’m very sorry for the trouble of getting all the extra emails. This is a problem I’ve been having with BlogLogic and since it was a former project, I intend to archive it but not renew it at it’s current domain. I thought I had turned the comments off for everyone, so I’m sorry for my error. I’m going to go back in and remove you as a member, so this should keep you from getting any further emails, but please don’t hesitate to let me know if you get anymore past the next 24 hours. I want to thank you for participating in my project when it ran two years ago. It really went well at the time, but as I’ve moved on to other projects it seems silly to keep a site for just this one. Thanks again.
Digital Reflex

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