Making Money Session at BloggerCon III

I just finished listening to Doc Searls’ Making Money Session from BloggerCon III. It’s interesting, but I am flabbergasted to hear several (!!!) of the people there saying that they make six figures (!!!) from blogging.

I think that I’ve made a total of about $25 from my blogging and I’ve scored a few really nice freebies, like my Halo Bluetooth Headset. I’ve seen benefits mainly in the connections area. Through my blog, I was mentioned in an O’Reilly book, and so I contacted O’Reilly, said “Thanks for mentioning me,” and continued on to ask if they had any writing projects to which I could contribute. They did, I did, and presto-change-o, I suddenly found myself a contributor to a few books. This in turn continues to open more doors.

So blogging has definitely proven to be a profitable exercise for me, but I sure wouldn’t frown upon it suddenly turning into six figures worth of profit.

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