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Program Suggestions

I have a lot of data backed up on an external hard drive, but it isn’t well organized and I am sure that the disk is FILLED with duplicate files nested in various folders. Does anyone know of a good … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces

Yes, I already wasted lots of time carefully printing out and taping together one of these. If anyone wants to buy me one of these t-shirts from ThinkGeek ping me and we’ll discuss shipping addresses and the like. Looks like … Continue reading

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Rapidly Ending Semester

Working in academia, my life is partitioned into semesters. I am amazed at how quickly this current semester has flown by and how soon it all ends. The wedding seriously sidetracked my internal semester clock. Two weeks from today is … Continue reading

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On Plagiarism

Note to self: Remember this article that you read on the airplane yesterday (by the way, the luggage arrived intact. h00t!). It may prove useful for an assignment next semester.

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Making Money Session at BloggerCon III

I just finished listening to Doc Searls’ Making Money Session from BloggerCon III. It’s interesting, but I am flabbergasted to hear several (!!!) of the people there saying that they make six figures (!!!) from blogging. I think that I’ve … Continue reading

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