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Dear Swing-Staters…

For all of you fortunate individuals who live in the swing states during this election, I’d just like to say that I hope and pray that you will vote for Kerry. If you’re undecided and Kerry doesn’t really do it for you, I understand, but, nevertheless, I think you should vote against Bush. He’s destroyed our economy. His administration has rushed to war with the wrong people and for the wrong reasons. He acts like a rich kid / a smug spoiled brat half the time. The rest of the time he’s wrapping his political rhetoric in the trappings of someone who believes strongly in Christianity. As a Christian, I find this professed belief to be extremely offensive when held up alongside the continued lies to pour forth from him and his people.

I have my reservations about Kerry, too. But a change is needed. Next election, let’s try to split up the two party choice between Vanilla Number One and Vanilla Number Two. Something’s broken in Washington, but we cannot think about fixing it until after George W. Bush is our ex-President.

I’m getting married next Friday, and if you are undecided with no real pull one way or another and you ever read anything I write, consider casting your vote for Kerry as a wedding present to me and my bride to be. We’ll have more to celebrate next Friday if Kerry is President than we will if Bush remains in office.