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iPod and iTunes Hacks: Got my copy!

iPod and iTunes HacksI just received my copy of iPod and iTunes Hacks via UPS this morning. Congrats to Hadley Stern for the hard work! The book looks great. For those of you eager to flip directly to the hacks written by yours truly as soon as you receive your copy, here’s the breakdown:

Hack #21: p.93 Craft an iPod Case from Cardboard

Hack #22: p.103 Repurpose a Dead iPod

Hack #36: p.145 Play Games on Your iPod

Hack #37: p.147 Write an iPod Adventure Game

Hack #38: p.151 Convert Text Files into iPod Books

Hack #39: p.154 Write Your Own iPod Book

Hack #53: p.220 Import Lyrics into iTunes and iPod

Hack #57: p.238 Clutter Your Desktop with Music

The book is filled with a nice balance of need-to-know, useful, and plain old fun hacks. 100 hacks totaling 417 pages of cross-platform hackable goodness. Check it out.

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