This Warping Thing; A Rant: Why don’t Apple Consumers Complain More?

Read MacFixIt’s latest about the warping aluminum powerbooks. This is mind-boggling:

Not a show-stopper The good news is that despite all the reports we’ve received of “warping” with PowerBook G4 units, we have yet to receive a report of this “warping” being serious enough to adversely affect the functionality of the PowerBook (e.g., optical drives not accepting or ejecting discs, keyboards malfunctioning, etc.) In fact, some users even seem to be happy that this slight wobble on the desk is their only problem. Reader Aled B writes:

“Doesn’t bother me too much though, minor irritation – it’s a great little machine otherwise! Used to suffer sleep of death issues with 1GHz TiBook until I decided to sell and get a G5 2GHz DP and this brilliant 12″ PowerBook as a side-kick. It’s the best PowerBook I’ve ever had. My brother has the 15″ 1.5GHz PowerBook and that’s just as good. Best range of PowerBooks ever! I’ll settle for a little wobble over a random sleep of death any-day.”

That being said, a number of users have expressed dissatisfaction with such warping given the cost of these units.

Well, I for one think that the “number of users” remains too low and too quiet in their “expressed dissatisfaction.” It is unconscionable to me that Apple continues to crank out defective machines (albeit very powerful and very nice in every other respect), which continue to exhibit these problems and continue to sell at their high prices and NO ONE is interrupting the entire process to say “Hang on a minute…” It seems to be a production flaw that affects a large percentage of the ALBooks. But, my current 12-inch doesn’t wobble. It doesn’t warp. It stays flat. When I had one that did wobble and warp, I walked into the Apple Store and complained and complained and complained as loudly and politely as possible until the manager replaced the machine (and then I made them open up the box and test the next one WHICH ALSO WOBBLED, so I demanded yet another). If everybody who suffered from this problem did what I did and complained and pushed Apple, then Apple would be forced to address this issue. Unfortunately, too many people out there are happy enough with their great new Powerbook and overlook this horrible problem, which means next time I update my machine, I may have to go through the several hours of complaining yet AGAIN to get my factory defective wobbling ‘book, replaced with a nice, properly level model. //rant off…

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