I want VoIP!

Well, I decided a while back that I would prefer to have VoIP service at around $35 a month, rather than my old skool landline. I even had the Cablevision folks come out to my house to set up a VoIP service that would work with my current cable internet and which would be capable of hooking into the current phone lines in my home, so that I could use all of my current phones in place. Only thing is that when the guys arrived, they informed me that despite my conversation with the rep on the phone and despite everything on the Cablevision website stating that the Home Connection kit could make such a thing possible, it really wasn’t possible. So I said no thanks, because I really didn’t want a single cordless phone sitting in the far corner of my apartment right next to my Airport Base Station, causing all kinds of interference. Aggravating to say the least.

So, yesterday, I look at Vonage and see that in their FAQ, there is a mention of an unsupported hack that would make it work. Unfortunately, when I took a good look around my apartment, it became very apparent to me that the phone line comes in on one side, and the cable line comes in on the opposite side, and there is no convenient spot where I could make the two meet without running an insane ammount of ugly telephone line. Grrr…

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