ReplayTV and a 12-inch

I’ve had the ReplayTV that I got open-box from BestBuy for a week now and I am loving it. The universal remote that I bought to work with it (that’s why it was only $50; no IR Blaster and no remote) actually works well and controls all my AV units, which is a first. I ordered a replacement IR Blaster for $10 online; it should get here on Wednesday, but I already found another IR Blaster in my BBOW (big box of wires), so I’ll probably either just keep it as a backup or sell it on ebay. For now, I’m paying the monthly ReplayTV, but as soon as I get some money together, I’ll go ahead and spring for the lifetime activation.

Anyway, for close to the same price of the regular ReplayTV, I got a remote control, the unit, an IR BLaster, and a D-Link wireless ethernet bridge that I used to connect the ReplayTV to my home network. I also have DVArchive on my 12-inch, so at any time, I can launch DVArchive and pick the shows that the ReplayTV has recorded to download to my 12-inch for portable viewing (with the Quicktime MPEG-2 Decoder installed). Nice. I’ve also been able to follow this tutorial to convert the files to DVD (although I used Sizzle to create the disk image and Disk Utility to burn the disk). Now, I am trying to figure out the best way to convert the large MPEG-2 files into 3ivx / DivX (as any attempt to do so through Quicktime results in lost sound). I just finished demuxing a test file with bbDEMUX, and I will attempt to convert the audio with mAC3dec and the video with DiVA to get two files that I can then combine in Quicktime. If anyone out there has any pointers, shoot me an email.

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  1. c.k. says:

    Gee-wilikers! It works! Just testing. Ignore me.

  2. SeanMcC says:

    Cool.. I’ll get rid of the Haloscan commenter now…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Get a PC. It won’t kill you to own both a Mac *and* a PC.


  4. c.k. says:

    Yes, I *could* get a PC, but that’s more clutter in my apartment and I really do like the convenience of a small easily portable all-in-one machine like my 12-inch, so getting a PC would sort of defeat that. There are plenty of available PCs at my workplace that I *could* use for this, but that is not the point. The point is that I *should* be able to do this on my Mac, so I’m going to figure out a way to make it so.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Not only are there the said updates, but you no longer have to log in for each .Mac service such as Mail, Bookmarks, etc. Just click on the links in the top bar. Very nice! Also, performance is top notch now.

  6. c.k. says:

    That is cool that you don’t have to sign in multiple times anymore. I also noted added encryption on the site, which is good as well. However, the main .mac product that I use is the email, and to date it has been the most spotty (well, that and the iDisk’s slow speed or buggy integration with Panther), so I am waiting until that remains steady and constant before I see added value in the ‘new’ .mac.

  7. Anonymous says:

    allow me to recommend the stevie wonder song “my cherie amour” as a ring tone, I have the first 40 secs as mine and I absolutely love it, as does other people..

  8. Anonymous says:

    I agree…Plus it is hard to break habits of how one does things.

  9. c.k. says:

    Oh, cool! Thanks for pointing to this. I think I’ll set up another test user on my machine to give this a shot.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Great. Look forward to following your adventure. Have been thinking of doing this with my X-Box and am interested to see how things go for you. What chip did you order?

  11. c.k. says:

    Xecuter 2Lite+

  12. ian says:

    Congratulations on the best home entertainment choice of your life.
    I actually bought, and modded an xBox for my parents Christmas parents, as they wanted a DVD player that could play movies they “got off the internet”. Given that at the time, dedicated boxes that could do this were upwards of $400 CDN, I decided on the xbox. And as soon as I installed Xbox Media Center as the default dashboard, I was blown away!

    There will be no drama for you to report! Simply setup an SMB (Windows) share on your Mac, point your xbox to it through the XML config file, and you’re golden! Streaming divx/xvid/you name it from your Mac. Enjoy the unexpected ease of use!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm, I’m not sure what the hack is specifically your referring to, but you don’t need to have your Analog Telephony Adapter near your feed phone line. Any jack will do. You just need to cut that main line (make sure the line isn’t feeding any of your neighbors!) so that you’ve got no voltage (VERY IMPORTANT) on any of your jacks (quick and dirty test — plug in a cheap unpowered wired phone to each jack and click the hangup button; you should hear nothing from the receiver). Super, now you’ve got your own multi-node phone network to do with as you will. Run a regular phone line straight from the ATA to the phone jack (or into a splitter into the jack, if you want to put a phone there), and your whole apartment should be good to go. Just remember to reconnect the phone co. wire before you move out!

    If that’s no good for whatever reason, just get a 5.8GHz cordless phone. You shouldn’t have any WiFi interference problems.

    I’ve used Vonage for almost a year and a half now, and I have to say their VoIP totally rocks. I’ve got my grandmother, my parents, myself, and a fax line all using the same Cablevision connection and never had any quality problems.

  14. c.k. says:

    ‘Hmmm, I’m not sure what the hack is specifically your referring to, but you don’t need to have your Analog Telephony Adapter near your feed phone line. Any jack will do. You just need to cut that main line (make sure the line isn’t feeding any of your neighbors!) so that you’ve got no voltage (VERY IMPORTANT) on any of your jacks (quick and dirty test — plug in a cheap unpowered wired phone to each jack and click the hangup button; you should hear nothing from the receiver).’ That is exactly the hack that I am referring to, but the problem is that all the phone jacks and lines run along the opposite side of the apartment from the cable lines. The main telephone line comes in from my neighbor’s apartment in on the left wall of the dining room and runs along the base board toward the kitchen over a door frame and then through the wall to the wall mount inside the kitchen, then it continues on into the bedroom where it dead-ends in a jack. The cable connection on the other hand comes in through the front door, runs along the back, right side and front of the living room. Then over the door frame to the bathroom in the hall and into the bedroom. The only place where the two lines are in any way close to one another is when they are on opposite sides of the hallway leading back to the bedroom (as one goes to the right and the other to the left around the wall in the bedroom), and that is already past where the first phone jack is and much farther than where the split for my cable modem in the living room is located (in the back right corner).

    I’m open to suggestions though.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Bummer. That’s a tough one. Okay, how about this: still do the whole phone line disconnect as described, but instead of running a long wire from the ATA to the nearest jack, use a household current based wireless phone jack extender (like to get the phone signal from the ATA to a convenient jack (unless you’re now going to tell me that all of the outlets on the phone line side of your house are on a separate circuit from the cable line side!). A bit dodgy, but still leveraging your existing infrastructure (I must use that phrase four times every day at work…grrr…). Besides, it only increases the coolness factor by having phone signal travelling over _two_ media that nature never intended! Seriously though, while I have had generally good results with the wireless phone jack extender (I use one to give my grandmother a phone line without forcing her to learn the baffling complexities of a cordless phone), it will probably be the least reliable component in the setup: about once every three months, we’ll find that the base unit and the extension jack have lost connection, and I need to unplug-replug the thing, or stick a paperclip in the recessed “reset” button. Hope this helps. Your tips have been extremely useful to me.

  16. spike says:

    you need to find extract-xiso – theres a utility for macs called that can help. its a cocoa frontend to extract-xiso for macs. is a good place to start looking for modded xbox utilities

  17. Anonymous says:

    Geez…everyone has been talking about something that has been included since panther 10.3! I thought this has been common knowledge.

  18. c.k. says:

    Actually, the feature has been around since Jaguar days, what makes this new update cooler and better and makes your “geez” comment wrong (no offense) is that 10.3.4 supports displaying the messages “in the foreground.” As in, in front of all other open windows. In the past, the Mac integration of this feature, meant that if you didn’t have address book in the front, the messages would appear inconveniently nested behind all your other windows. w0rd.

  19. Anonymous says:

    “My brother edits these files on his PC with no difficulty whatsoever…”

    How did your brother edit his ReplayTV files on the PC? Does the PC version of QuickTime allow him to edit the commercials? Or does he use other software?

  20. Anonymous says:

    Your entry caused me to look up this book, and now I’ve ordered it as well. I’ve been programming professionally for nearly 20 years (but on the midrange, text based, systems), this will be my first shot at Mac GUI programming.

    I look forward to any additional entries you make over the summer. If the learning gets rough, know that you have at least one other person walking alongside you :)

  21. Anonymous says:

    I too have come across this “unrecognised format” error. It was after I stupidly left the USB flash drive in my Windows 2000 PC and rebooted, it formatted it to NTFS without asking – I am now looking for ways to reformat the flash drive to be useable on my Mac OS X 10.2 Power Book.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Try this
    or just open the Disk Utility in the OS X computer and in the ERASE tab tick the box “Install Mac OS 09 Drivers”

  23. Anonymous says:

    its great ! :)
    only that .wav files are rather huge thus taking up a lot of space.

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