Hate e-mail…

Well, crap. I angered some guy named Lon Hutchison over on the Deal Mac forums, because I pointed out the problems that I have had with MacUpdate in the past. Here’s the forum thread in question. This guy anonymously posted a reply attacking me in the thread, which I hope they will soon remove (go vote that they do now please) but then followed it up with this wonderful piece of email which I have only edited one word with **:

From: nycdewd@yahoo.com Lon Hutchison
Subject: your lies
Date: March 31, 2004 1:29:24 AM EST
To: C.K. Sample, III

I hope MacUpdate finds out about your lies on DealMac
and your ego-stroking piece of sh** blog. I hope they
have enough money to take your lying lame ass to

You disgust me… you’re a lying pretentious

Well, isn’t that nice? So pleasant to be attacked in the morning by uninformed people who do not even bother to read about the personal experience that I have had with MacUpdate that made me draw the personal conclusions that I made and voiced on DealMac. As far as I know, there is nothing about that that is illegal.

Keep sending the hate email, buddy, and we’ll see who ends up in court…

UPDATE: The name Lon Hutchison sounded familiar so I searched in Zoe through my old email and found another email from him from his other email address: lon@macupdate.com, which he signs with a link to the “about MacUpdate page”, so he is somehow involved with MacUpdate, and thus the flame and the hate email. All the more reason not to use MacUpdate. Digging their own graves…

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