Salling Clicker version 2.1 now supports the 3650

Salling Clicker version 2.1 now supports the 3650 as well as various other Symbian based smartphones. From the site:

Welcome, Symbian-lovers!
We heard you! Salling Clicker now supports Symbian-based smartphones, and in a big way. Salling Clicker v.2.1 takes advantage of this platform’s unique capabilities, so iTunes artwork is displayed in color, and your computer’s mouse pointer can be moved in a new innovative fashion with pen-based smartphones.

I’ve been a beta-tester for this over the past couple of weeks (I’ve been DYING to post about it, but of course, could not) and have to say that it works very nicely. Check it out!

I’m trying to get a version of the Share2Blue2th scripts to work as a Salling Clicker plug-in. This will end the need for users to edit the script to place their MAC address in the script, and as soon as it is working well and is available, I’ll let you know about it.

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