AT&T offering free trade of a 3200, 3100, or Siemens C56 for your 3650

I just received a snail-mail from AT&T about trading in my 3650 for FREE in exchange for a Nokia 3200, a Nokia 3100, or a Siemens C56, so that I can “take advantage of our network enhancements.” The letter goes on to point out:

These dual band Next Generation phones provide better connections for both voice and data services, and offer advanced wireless features such as Internet browsing, polyphonic ring tones, messaging capabilities, and more. We’ve enhanced our network to improve our service, so make sure you upgrade your phone now in order to enjoy these improvements.

*Scratches head* Uh, erm, where are the upgrades? All of these features have been available and are compatible with my 3650, and from the looks of it, all three of the phones offered are full-fledged bluetoothless downgrades. I really hope they don’t sucker many people into this “deal.”

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