TaxCut 2003…

Just a quick mention: I used H&R Block’s TaxCut Premium to file my federal and state taxes this year. Everything is e-filed and I just received my confirmation today. I opted to avoid Quicken’s offerings this year, due to the spyware concerns that have floated around their products. For the most part I was pleased with TaxCut, although it is still a bit buggy. It crashed on me a few times, as I noted previously, whenever the product would check for updates it was generally all around buggy (as it wouldn’t recognize that an update that had just been downloaded and installed had been actually downloaded and installed and would recommend that I download it again; which in turn made me doubt whether it was ever really applied), and removing unnecessary forms during error check was not the most intuitive process in the universe. There was some totally empty form that somewhere along the interview process was attached to my tax return and I kept getting multiple errors stating that I had to fill in all its blanks or delete the form, but the delete form function was buried three more clicks deep into looking at the problem. It would’ve made more sense had it been linked to right at the beginning when it states the problem. So that took 15 minutes of frustration to figure out, but besides that, I’m relatively pleased with the whole process. (Or as pleased as one can be with taxes…)

So, in any case, if you haven’t filed yet and want a program to do so, give TaxCut a try. And remember, you can deduct the price of the software on next year’s return. ;-)

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