Getting Share2Blue2th to work with non-3650 phones…

Hello, everyone. I’ve been receiving lots of emails recently asking how to make my Share2Blue2th scripts work with phones other than the 3650. I must point out that I myself, only owning a 3650, have never used my scripts with any other phone. That being said, I have seen mention on different discussion boards that have linked to this site in the past about people getting them to work with the P800/900 by adding -p800 before the -v in the first bit of terminal command-line code in the scripts, and mention of people making it work with the T610. Unfortunately, the majority of these comments that I could easily locate were in the Apple board discussion linked to in my read me file, which has since disappeared.

I hope to explore supporting other phones in the near future (the 6600 and the T610 specifically). If anyone is successfully using my scripts with these phones and you happen to read this, please email me with the “how-to” of it, so I can update the Read Me. In the meantime, here’s some useful links where you might be able to locate the information you need to make these scripts work with your phone:

Also, you might want to look into this link, which offers alternate scripts that might work with your phone. Good luck and please email me if you have any success!

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