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iSkin ProTouch PB in the Flesh: First Impressions

I just received my iSkin ProTouch PB in the mail today (Thanks, Andrew!), and so far so good. If you’ll notice the picture to the right, you’ll see my fat right hand holding up one of the corners of the iSkin Protouch PB. It is nicely form-fitted to each of the keys, with the exception of the topmost row (the esc, F1-12, and eject key) which gets one thin fitted row for all of them. This doesn’t hinder performance on that row though. There is a slight lip on either side that makes it easy to remove for when you need to pack up and go. It folds easily for easy transport. Even scrunches up easily, and is durable too. On the 12-inch, it takes a few minutes to get used to, because the feel is different. It hasn’t caused any mistyping or any sort of typos, but for some reason when I first started touch-typing I thought I was making typos even when I wasn’t just because of the drastic difference in tactile feel. Thin, light, and not too intrusive, it fits nicely and doesn’t dampen the nice firm kickback feeling of the 12-inches keys. So like I said, so far so good. I’ll post a more detailed review after the weekend with my more long-term use impressions.

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