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Hallo, Deutschland!

Willkommen zu meinem blog! Macnews.de has reported on my Share2Blue2th scripts. I received an email from Ben Schwan, editor for macnews.de, this morning, asking if I knew how to get the scripts working with a P900/800. I’m not sure how, as I do not have a P900/800, but this discussion states that it has been made to work, and others have reported to me that they use the scripts with a P800. Theoretically, it is simply a matter of getting the P800/900 to see the bluetooth pairing with the computer as one of its available access points. The PPP connection over bluetooth is established between the phone and the computer during any iSync, and all my scripts do is share the computer’s internet connection out over that PPP connection. So if you run the scripts, and you’ve followed all the instructions on the Mac side of things, it is just a matter of figuring out how to get the P800/900 to see the already established internet connection over the bluetooth pairing. If anyone can provide more precise directions of how you have done this on the P800/900, please let me know (cks3 at mac dot com) and I will post the details here. Sehr kühl!