Printing to a Bluetooth Printer from your 12-inch…

For those of you who are frustrated with Apple’s lack of any support for bluetooth printing, you might want to look at this discussion. There you will find a link to the most daftly pointless Knowledge Base Article I have ever seen, as well as a few work around solutions that will allow you to use Bluetooth File Exchange to send certain supported files to the printer. Here’s a link to the most detailed workaround.

I was emailed about all this, (Thanks, Tom!) asking if I would be willing to develop a program to support bluetooth printing in OS X. Unfortunately, I am not nearly that advanced a developer. The things I have written have all been put together piecemeal from bits and scraps of code I’ve seen around the web (and it looks like CPUfrequency doesn’t really work; see below). And I also lack any sort of bluetooth printer to test this all on, should I try to automate something based on the workarounds linked to above.

Anybody know of a solution to this inconvenience? Anyone willing to develop a solution? Looks like there are a group of people who need it… Email me (cks3 at mac dot com) if so…

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