I bent my 12-inch…

Was getting up from my desk and flipped my 12-inch into the air. Had to at least make a 360 degree, if not 720. It happened so fast. Landed on the front right corner (where the battery is housed). This caused the metal casing to bend in a slight fraction at this corner that is hardly even visible. What is visible, is where the casing decided to buckle because of this slight indentation:

This was bound to happen sooner or later, as I am known to drop my laptops and it is one of the reasons that I really like Apple machines. They are sturdy. However, the metal casing of this little bugger has a notable disadvantage to the plastic shell of my old iBook: it can bend. Fortunately, it can also bend back. I shut down, took the battery out and worked at bending it back to the correct shape on that corner. The bulge is hardly visible now, although I did manage to put a nice scratch in there with some pliers (stoopid) and everything is fully functional still. But yikes what a scare!

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