Series 60 Platform Community Awards 2003

I was rather shocked and flattered to receive an invitation to the Series 60 Platform Community Awards 2003 in my inbox this morning. Who knew Nokia was reading this blog? From the invitation:

The Series 60 Platform Community is setting aside a day to recognize the companies who have made the biggest impact on the Series 60 Platform Community. Awards will be given in five categories that represent the different types of products and services created for the Series 60 Platform.

I’m not nominated for anything, but the invite is super-cool. Unfortunately, I will most likely have to decline, as it is being held in Nice, France, and I am in NY, working on my dissertation for my Ph.D. in English, running some computer labs for my University, with a mortgage, a wedding in the not too distant future, and little free money.

Now, if Nokia wanted to pay for me to attend, or perhaps offer me a high-paying job with the company… *wink wink*

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